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Water Filters
Maximum Flow 2 Gallons per min @ 65PSI
Replacement Lamp Size 11"
Lamp Power Usage 14 Watt
Replacement Sleeve 11"
Voltage 120 Volt 60 Hz
Height 15"
Width 11"
Depth 6"
Port Size  
(FLP inlet & outlet) 3/4"
UV Exposure 16000 mws/cm2

Water Filters Karachi

Single Water Filters Dual Water Purification Systems Triple Water Purification Systems
Single Water Filters Dual Water Purification System Triple Water Purification System

Water filters are essential devices that are designed to remove chemical substances and other impurities from drinking water. Even if your municipality has been supplying municipally treated drinking water, you will still require whole house water filter system. Water is likely to get contaminated with lead, while passing through water utility pipes that contain lead and other harmful metals. Well water supply also contains a lot of microorganisms and harmful chemicals that need to removed before using the water. Therefore, in either case, a Whole House Water Filter System is very important if you want clean healthy water.

Water filters are a simple and affordable way to improve water quality in the home, and in many places with a poor water supply, water filters are more than just a luxury. Clean water is essential to health, and a water filter can ensure there is a source of pure, clean water in your household. Water Filters are relatively inexpensive and will not only protect you and your family from potential hazards in the water supply, but will improve the smell and taste of your water as well. Bath and shower water that is filtered will have the added benefit of providing your skin -- your body's largest organ and a natural detoxifier -- with a clear alternative to the chemically-laden water that is pumped into your house.

Home Water Filters

Home water filters are becoming more and more of a necessity than just a nice thing to have. People are realizing that even water that is treated at a facility cannot be counted on to be anywhere near pure. Drug residue and other Water filters are not suited to below freezing weather. It is essential devices that are designed to remove chemical substances and other impurities from drinking water. Laminates can slip through even when the water has been treated with disinfectant. Drug residue in our water supply is becoming an increasingly alarming problem. Drugs are found in human waste and are flushed down the toilet. It sounds disgusting and it is when you think that your family could be being exposed to things like sex hormones and mood altering pharmaceuticals just by drinking a glass of water from the tap.

Cheap Water Filters

Cheap water filters do very little to purify drinking water. About the only thing they are good for is costing consumers a lot of extra money when purchasing replacement filters. Yet a high quality filter will give the owner years of service, thus saving money. Generally, if it costs less than a couple hundred dollars, then put it back on the shelf. Let's take a look at a few simple steps to take when buying the best water filters to ensure that they will be cost efficient, highly effective and last for years to come.

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  Water Filters and Purification Systems